Meeting point, running routes and dates

Our meeting point is Am Ginnheimer Wäldchen 3 in 60431 Frankfurt unless notified otherwise. Most come changed, that is in running gear. There are no lockers and we recommend that you don’t bring any valuables.

Treffpunkt Ginnheimer Lauftreff

Our main sessions are Tuesdays. At 6:30 pm all groups will be called by pace and sent to their journey for exactly 60 minutes. We run, jog and walk in groups of different paces depending on the numbers of participants and team leaders available. Everyone joins the group he or she is most comfortable with and which corresponds with the individual’s capabilities. People also run on Fridays at 6:30 pm for one hour.

Running sessions on Sundays and public holidays last from 1.30 h to 2.30 h. We always meet at 9:00 am at the parking lot next to our Tuesday meeting point. Subject to the number of people present we typically offer two groups, 7 – 8 kph and 8.5 – 9.5 kph. Pace and routes are determined by the group leaders. See our Running Calendar (pdf) for details. Meeting points may be different if we have a Lauf-ins-Blaue (“run into the blue”) on our program; information will be distributed in advance via newsletter (you can register at the right).

Most running routes are measured, and they vary. It is always possible to strike a new path. Even longtime Frankfurters get to know discreet routes and can discover less familiar spots of the city.

Please arrive at our venue in time for your run or walk so that all groups can start on time. Many meet afterwards for drinks or food in the adjacent restaurants or bars.

Where we run

Our running area is the beautiful Niddapark, a large and widespread landscape of riverside meadows northwest of the inner city. It is part of the landscape conservation area GrünGürtel (green belt). The park is named after river Nidda which surrounds Frankfurt in the north and the west and flows into the Main river close to the city district Höchst. Read more about meeting point and running routes >

On one Sunday each month, we meet for a Lauf-ins-Blaue (“run into the blue”). We then explore other districts of Frankfurt, follow certain themes, or run outside of the city, for example in the Taunus heights. Very popular are our runs into the heart of Frankfurt, to the east part of town in the vicinity of the European Central Bank or to the Frankfurt Christmas Market. Our team leaders know the neighborhoods and can share insights.

It’s completely free

We are institutionally linked to the sports club SV Blau-Gelb Frankfurt e.V. While it is possible to become a member of this club, it is not mandatory. Sports at Ginnheimer Lauftreff is completely free of charge. We are independent and raise funds only through donations and sponsoring.

Our logo, our running gear

The logo of Ginnheimer Lauftreff symbolizes people in motion. The colors blues and yellow stand for our association with SV Blau-Gelb Frankfurt e.V., the color green for the river Nidda in its course.

There is no dress code, everyone runs as he or she pleases. The team leaders know what is good or practicable. Information on shirts and windbreakers with our logo can be obtained here (in German).

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